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  Title Copies
Year: 2011 
Call No: TF5 
Bulgy Rides Again 
Year: 2007 
Call No: TF66 
Bulgy the Double-Decker Bus 
Year: 2003 
Call No: TF74 
Bull's Eyes 
Year: 1995 
Call No: TTE12 
Year: 2011 
Call No: TF15 
Bundle With the Britons! 
Year: 2016 
Call No: JZ1 
Busy Bee's Birthday 
Year: 2000 
Call No: BB1 
Buzz Buzz 
Year: 1995 
Call No: TTE28 
Buzzy Bees 
Year: 2012 
Call No: TF78 
Year: 2011 
Call No: TF41